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A Functional Genomics Course (new course for new users) 8-20

From modules 8-20
  • Module 8A Nrf2 and Keap1
  • Module 8B Nrf2 Practicum
  • Module 9A NADH & NADPH
  • Module 9B NAD+
  • Module 9C NAD+ & NADPH Support Supplements
  • Module 9D NAD and NADPH Practicum
  • Module 10A Glutathione Basics
  • Module 10B Glutathione Genomics
  • Module 10C Glutathione Practicum
  • Module 11A SOD & Catalase
  • Module 11B SOD & Catalase Genomics
  • Module 11C - SOD & Catalase Support Products
  • Module 12A Sirtuins & FOXO
  • Module 12B Situins - Genomics and Support
  • Module 13A Phase III and Autophagy
  • Module 13B Phase III and Autophaty Genomics and Support
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed