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This course is designed to provide a clinical guidance tool for health professionals where they can use data from functional genetics, labs, and symptoms to give clues where nutritional interventions may be helpful to support healthy function.

Ideal for the Functional Health Professional, or those health professionals wanting to be on the leading edge in personalized care.
  • Module 1A - Overview of Functional Genomic Nutrition
  • Module 1B - Free Radicals & Antioxidants
  • Module 1C - Overview of Functional Genomic Analysis Software
  • Module 2A - Iron and The Fenton Reaction
  • Module 2B - Iron and Fenton Reaction Genomics
  • Module 2C - Nutritional Support for Iron and Fenton Reaction
  • Module 2D - Practicum for Fenton Reaction
  • Module 3A - Nitric Oxide
  • Module 3B - NOS Uncoupling and Peroxynitrite
  • Module 3C- NO & NOS Uncoupling Genomics
  • Module 3D - NO Products and Practicum
  • Module 4A - Glutamate
  • Module 4B - Glutamate Genomics
  • Module 4C - Glutamate Nutritional Support
  • Module 4D - Glutamate Practicum
  • Module 5A Gluten-Daily-Peanuts
  • Module 5B Histamine
  • Module 5C Histamine Genomics
  • Module 5D - Histamine Support sample
  • Module 5E Oxalates
  • Module 6A Heme Pathway
  • Module 6B Heme Genomics and Support
  • Module 7A Mast Cells
  • Module 7B - NADPH Oxidase
  • Module 7C - NOX Upregulation
  • Module 7D NADPH Oxidase Genomics
  • Module 7E NOX and Mast Cell Support
  • Module 7F EMF
  • Module 1A - Functional Genomics Overview.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed